Cleaning machine

With the development of technology, electric cleaning machines have become widespread. The lithium iron phosphate battery pack has the advantages of light weight, small size, long cycle life, wide operating temperature range, no harmful metals, no pollution to the environment, and provide the ideal power source power for cleaning machines.

As the Oz Green Energy lithium battery pack can be monitored in real time remotely customers can monitor the battery status at any time through the mobile phone app or computer and check the battery remaining power. The Oz Green Energy lithium battery pack adopts the high-tech BMS technology to protect the battery making it’s safe to use.

Green Energy Batteries focus on the customisation and production of lithium iron phosphate battery packs for machines such as industrial sweepers and cleaning machines. The technical team provides special research and development, to meet the demand of fast-growing lithium battery market.

The Oz Green Energy battery models offer these key features:

* More compacted designs with higher density power

* Smart with battery SOC SOH live monitor

* Smart remote diagnosis functions

* Intelligent multiple users management system

* Maintenance free, environmental friendly

* 48V/ 72V 155Ah/210Ah optional

Tailored made battery project are available


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