Batteries which are used in the industrial area require a very unique battery design.Lithium cells with wide operation temperature limits from OZ Green Energy are best suited for these applications. Our batteries have the following advantages

  * High voltage (3.6V)

  * High energy density

  * Operating at wide temperature range ( -55℃〜+ 85℃ )

  * Capability of withstanding extreme amounts of shock and vibration

  * Manufacturing process that ensures extremely high reliability and safety


Our lithium battery pack features

  * Components capable with withstanding the temperature rating of the battery without degradation or out-gassing.

  * Carefully controlled internal welds and solder joints.

  * Proper selection of epoxies, sealants, heat shrink, and battery casings suitable for the


  * Assembly techniques specific for high temperature, high vibration, and high shock environments.


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