Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the best temperature for the battery's operating?

25ºC or slight under will optimise both performance and lifespan. Higher temperatures also increase the self-discharge characteristic. Colder temperatures will lower battery capacity and prolong battery life.


2. What do we need to know when using the battery in a humid environment?

The enclosure provides good protection of the cells and circuitry from incidental water spray. However, the seams are not fully sealed, and frequent exposure to rain and wet conditions can allow water to ingress into the casing, which can corrode the cell terminals and lead to the erratic behavior of the BMS circuitry. We suggest covering the battery with a bag when exposed to water spray.


3. Why did the battery run out after storing for a while?

Lithium cells have very low self-discharge, the BMS protection circuit inside the battery pack does draw a little current at all times. Please check the battery's state before using it if the battery had been stored without working for over half a year.



Bluetooth APP

1. How to switch to the device that you want to connect

APP will automatically connect with the apparatus of the last connection if it is nearby. If you're going to switch to a different device, you need to select "Bluetooth Contact" in the menu and find the device from the list.


2. About “Renew”

In the "Bluetooth Connect" interface, if you click the "Renew" button still connected with the device, you don't have to connect it again. IOS will cut off the IOS APP connection; you have to search the device from the device list and select to connect again.


3. Failure Connection

Open your phone Bluetooth and Smart BATTERY APP again, Select "Bluetooth Connect" on the menu, and find the device ID that you want to connect from the device list.

*If the device is not nearby, connection will fail.


4. Unable to find the device ID

Method 1: Turn off the App and Bluetooth, re-activate Bluetooth and the App, select the “ Bluetooth connection ” interface to find the device ID.

Method 2: After charging the battery pack for one hour, restart Bluetooth and App connect with the battery. If the above two methods cannot help to find the device, you need to contact the manufacturer.


5. Data vary quickly

Based on the laboratory test, the battery connection distance between the battery pack and phone is about 9 meters. When the distance is longer than 9 meters or the surrounding environment is complicated, Android App the data may misaligned. Please move near to the battery pack and reconnect the battery pack.

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