Terms of use
Terms of use

Please follow the product user manual strictly. Please read the manual tips below carefully:


1. Any act of destroying or damaging, such as dismantling, beating, striking, squeezing, is strictly prohibited.


2. No fire contact at any time in case of an explosion.


3. Please store the product in a cool and dry place. Please keep it away from metallic materials or gas to avoid short-circuits.


4. Please keep children away from the product.


5. Do not use the product under high humidity, high-temperature environment, and direct sunlight


6. Immediately stop using the product if you see any sign of swelling or malfunction.


7. Please only use the original cable and charger that matches your product before charging


8. Do not charge for continuous long time, no more than 24 hours


9. Recycle the product according to national environmental regulations

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